Buffalo Head Coach Jeff Quinn joined Jon Chuckery on Friday to discuss OL Khalil Mack and the upcoming NFL Draft.

Mack is projected as a Top 10 pick in this year’s draft and Coach Quinn thinks he would be a good one for the Falcons, who have the number 6 overall pick.

“For all the fans out there that love the great Atlanta Falcons, you know hopefully [Mack] finds his way that way. We’re big fans. We recruit a lot down in Atlanta.”

Per league source, the Atlanta Falcons are scheduled to meet with outside linebacker Khalil Mack next week, and they were present during his Pro Day on March 4th.

“We had the entire Atlanta Falcons front office coaching staff; GM, the head coach, the offensive and defensive coordinators come up on our campus,” Coach Quinn said. He went on to say that Mike Nolan, defensive coordinator for the Falcons, would be lucky to have a player like Mack.

“Coach Nolan is gonna love, ya know, having [Mack] if they do choose to pick him and if he’s still available. I think you’ll find that Khalil can do a lot of different things, which makes coaching a lot more enjoyable.”

For the full interview, including what Jeff Quinn thinks Khalil Mack brings to an NFL team, listen below:


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