By Daryle Ashurst

Former San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver Dwight Clark joins the show to talk about his greatest catches of his career on and off  the football field. Dwight shared that he dated Miss Universe Shawn Weatherly for four years and didn’t love her, but couldn’t break up with her because she was too hot!

Jason asked Dwight to share a Randy Cross story and he shared how he once fumbled and “Randy screamed at him all the way to the sideline”.

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He also touched when he was the Cleveland Browns GM and the city of Cleveland.

The guys shifted the conversation to the 49ers Collin Kapernick  and how he needed to be more careful to get himself caught up in mess.

Dwight also shared that he made mistake drafting Tim Couch instead of Champ Bailey and who he would take if he had the #1 pick in this year’s NFL Draft.

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