Chris Russell, Redskins Reporter that made the statement that “he would quit if the Redskins signed DeSean Jackson”, joined the show to defend and clear up his statements.

Russell says “he did quit for four hours, but management at his station refused the resignation”. Jason Bailey questions how serious this was and says he believes the entire thing was a radio bit.

Russell also says  “even though they signed Jackson, he doesn’t think he will be as productive as people think”. He stated that “Garcon and Jackson’s numbers are very similar outside of 70 yards”  He also feels “Jackson will eventually be a distraction in the Redskins locker room as he apparently did with the Eagles”.

My personal opinion is I hope DeSean Jackson proves this guy wrong!

Not only did he not honor his bet, but he hasn’t taken the opportunity to get to know DeSean Jackson for himself.

I get the “media brethren” code that some value to be “truth”, I reported on the Hawks and Falcons for 6 years, but I also reserved judgement on anyone until I personally had an interaction.





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