Today on Too Much Truth Lauren Hill is in trouble again with the IRS. The question was posed, Is she just a victim who is being targeted and attacked? Hill faces more charges in relation to unpaid taxes. Remember people, Pay your taxes!

There is a video that has gone viral on how to get your teacher fired. Young students have made YouTube videos giving step by step instructions on ways to have your teacher fired if you do not like him or her. Should these children be punished by the state for falsely accusing their children of abuse or assault?

A 91-year-old grandmother and mother of six was offered $600,000 to move out of her 68-year-old 800 square foot home that she paid $800 for. She refused to move her and her 17 birds for the money. Would you advise your grandmother to leave? If she still was not convinced, would you trick her into leaving? How dedicated would you be to your grandmother with $600,000 on the line? If you missed today’s show, you missed out on some good information. So make sure you tune in tomorrow for another exciting show  of  Too Much Truth with Derrick Boazman on News and Talk, 1380 WAOK.