By Rob Hamilton

By Rob Hamilton / 92-9 The Game / CBS Local Sports
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We waited a few days to see how this was going to play out to cover it. We wanted to give Roddy White every opportunity to either follow through OR explain why he wasn’t going to do so.

Back story: A fan asked Roddy White how far he thought the Duke Blue Devils were going to go in the Tournament. Roddy answered “Championship”.

Then another fan said that Mercer would beat Duke, and Roddy then made “the bet”.

Well, guess what. The Mercer Bears beat the Duke Blue Devils, as we all know, and guess what…

Roddy explained why he’s not paying up the bet as it was made on Sunday morning:

Then, Roddy followed it up with this:

So that’s how we ended things last time… Roddy White being roasted on Twitter… well, it paid off. At least for the man he made the bet with:

So, do you think he was happy? Yeah, you bet he was!




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