By Daryl Killian

The next time that you visit a car dealer to purchase an automobile, you may not have to pay the “doc” fee.

A listener called into the station Wednesday, while I was a guest on the Sidney Wood Show and challenged a statement that I made about your right to refuse paying the dealer added fees. The caller prefaced his comment with “I sold cars for 20 year’s and we never waived the doc fee.” He then went on to tell me that I was wrong and that he knew of no law that could/would punish a dealer for charging those fees. Spoken like a true salesman. No fault of his on though, he was trained to handle that objection and after 20 years, even the salespeople start to believe.

In this case the caller and I were both right, but here’s where it gets tricky. Dealer’s have a right to charge fee’s for their handling of the paperwork associated with purchasing a car and in most cases the charges are preprinted on the “Buyer’s Order” (paperwork showing sales price, accessories, taxes and fee’s, etc.) However, when a dealer advertises a sales price, online or in print, all fee’s must be included in advertised price and the state of Georgia classifies any additional fees, at the time of the sale, to be deceptive advertising. For examples of how dealer’s try to justify the additional fee’s go here here for a FOX 5 Report by Dale Russell.

If you have found a car online or in a printed advertisement, take a copy of the advertised price and the document below with you to the dealership.
Gov. Office of Consumer Protection

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