With the free agency period on the horizon it is abundantly clear that our hometown Atlanta Falcons should be major players considering last seasons’ 4-12 record. Some call this upcoming draft and free agency period the most important ever for this Dimitroff-Smith regime and rightfully so considering the sharp decline in 2013 after an NFC Championship loss the season before.

Several free agents would appear to be natural targets for the Falcons factoring in their obvious needs at offensive and defensive lines along with linebacker depth and a proven pass rusher.

There are also some questions as to whether or not Dominique Davis is the answer playing the backup role to Matt Ryan. Without question a quality signal caller behind a teams’ starter is rather important and Atlanta still does not know if Davis can adequately play the part with such little NFL experience.

On the Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith for our sister station V-103, they spoke on the implications that former quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons and currently of the Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick would likely be released. A question was posed to the listeners as to whether or not they would be open to the idea of Falcons Owner Arthur Blank signing Vick as a backup to Matt Ryan.

Overwhelmingly the callers were in favor of bringing Michael Vick back to Atlanta and some still want him to be the starting signal caller over Ryan. Now rational minds know that Matt Ryan, as the quarterback of the Falcons, has been extremely successful, taking the team to consecutive winning seasons for the first time in franchise history. If there is any knock on Ryan, it is his lack of playoff success.

Vick was the excitement for a city that badly needed it and he continues to represent that for lots of Atlantans regardless of what any current player does. It amazes me how quickly people forget how he admittedly did not give his all for the franchise, and yeah, there was that whole dogfighting operation.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that Michael Vick can still play football despite the inability for him to stay healthy an entire season. I think that he could be a “stop gap” for a team bringing in a young quarterback or be a viable backup that could win a few games, but the notion that Vick could come back to Atlanta is a very bad idea.

If I am upper management of the Falcons, I do not want anything that could possibly divide a team or play with the mind of the guy that I just invested $100 million dollars into.

There is nothing wrong with being pushed, but could you imagine a scenario of The Georgia Dome turning on Matt Ryan after an interception with half the crowd yelling, “WE WANT VICK, WE WANT VICK”.

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing that I firmly believe in and I would have absolutely no objections in him retiring as a Falcon but to bring him in as a current player would undermine what has been established here in Atlanta.

Jamie Walker is a Producer and Blogger for Sports Radio 92.9 The Game. Follow him on Twitter @coachjdub21 or email him at Jamie.Walker@cbsradio.com.


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