The Wild Side of Honda

When you think of Honda Accords, most people conjure up an image of a safe, reliable 4-door sedan.

But Honda makes a two-door Accord coupe, too….and when you option that coupe out with Honda’s almost-300 HP V-6 and a six speed stick, that sweet little thing shows that she has a wild side…and a very attractive wild side it is.

It’s probably the stick shift that brings out the risqué side of the Accord Coupe…that and the V-6.   Stick-shifts are becoming a rarity these days, but if you’ve got a little “old-school” in you…and miss stirring the gears yourself…you’ll love Honda’s set-up.

Honda’s manual transmissions and cluches are simply some of the most effortless on the market….whether in the Accord, the Civic, or over on the Acura side.  As intuitive as an I-Phone, one might say.  It’s an easy-effort clutch pedal and an extremely smooth shifter.    And when coupled with Honda’s 278 HP V-6, it’s hard to not misbehave.

You can get into a ( perfectly adequate ) 4-cylinder Accord coupe for as little as $24,415 including transportation.   Add $850 for a CVT auto if you’d like and you’ll have a very  attractive 5-passenger, 26 city/ 34 hwy mpg machine.

But if you’d like to have maximum power, the V-6 won’t cost you too many MPG’s.  Honda uses cylinder management technology on their V-6.  You get all 6 cylinders when accelerating…but run on only 3 cylinders when running flat and steady.   Three cylinders doesn’t sound like much, I know, but trust me….you’ll never feel the difference…the V-6 always seems fully-powered and ready to go.

The top-of-the-line Accord EX-L V-6 comes in at $31,471…and includes most everything that you’d want…heated leather with power lumbar and memory settings, moonroof, connectivity, 18” alloys, extra-octane sound and quite a bit more.   Some of that “more” includes Honda’s “Lanewatch”….a camera mounted in the passenger side rear-view-mirror.   Hit your right turn signal and the camera will display a wide-angle view of where you’re headed.   Much safer than just using the mirror alone.

Another “plus” is the accord Coupe’s highest possible safety rating from the Institute for Highway Safety….when equipped with forward collision warning.

Spend just a few miles in an Accord and you’ll see why Car and Driver Magazine has named the Accord to their “Ten Best” lists for 28 years.  They’re well-designed, functional and satisfying-to-drive machines.

Go with the V-6 Coupe and change that to “FUN”!


DSCN5621 DSCN5613DSCN5614

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