On February 18, 2014, 116 GA House Republicans and 3 conservative GA House Democrats passed House Bill 875 which would allow additional access for gun owners with a carry permit to bring their weapons virtually anywhere in GA; college campuses, high schools, churches, airports and government buildings with few if any provisions. The bill known as “Safe Carry Protection Act” will now go to the GA Senate for a vote. On “Real Talk With Rashad Richey”, State Senator Emmanuel Jones (Democrat) has vowed to fight this ridiculous bill on every front. He said “It puts our young people in more danger”.  State Representative Roger Bruce (Democrat) went on record and said, “this bill is part of a coordinated plan to make guns more easily accessible and easier to use in a shooting if you’re white”. Democrats seem to be united against this bill ever becoming law. “It is providing you with a vehicle and a tool to circumvent the legal system, to give you full right to kill someone is what this bill, to me, does.  I don’t think this bill is about protecting anyone.  I think this bill is dangerous for so many reasons.  One, it allows individuals to take weapons into bars, where individuals primarily consume alcohol”, says Representative Waites (Democrat).

Amazingly, the bill as currently structured does not allow for anyone to carry weapons at the GA Capitol. What hypocrites!

They are just fine with the general population having weapons in libraries, churches, bars and colleges but not at the GA Capital, the place where they passed this “Carry Everywhere” legislation.  In the midst of college kids drinking, some experimenting with illegal drugs, various egos and immature arguments, GA House Republicans came up with the bright idea to add guns to the equation!

Keep this in mind, no one wants this law. Educators, the public safety community, colleges and a majority of Georgians polled have all opposed this legislation.  The only ones who would like this bill made into law are the 119 members of the GA General Assembly and Georgia’s powerful gun lobby groups.

Contact your state senator and let them know how you feel about this overreaching pro-gun bill.

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