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Clemson head football coach Dabo Swinney spoke with Jason and Randy from The Morning Show Thursday morning and revealed a very interesting fact from his playing days with the 1992 National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide.

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While discussing the Michael Sam circus that has engulfed the NFL, Coach Swinney said “Definitely when I was at Alabama, there was a couple of guys that, you know as a player, we, we, felt like that was their sexual orientation, but it was never an issue, it was never a problem, not like you were running out to tell someone.”

Dabo continued, “Again, you have respect for each individual and their personal beliefs. It’s just like they’re different religions. I’m a Christian, but I’ve coached and played with Muslims and all kind of different religions. It’s not about any of that. Those are personal decisions that people have to make. I mean everyone will be judged one day, but it’s not up to me to judge somebody.”

Swinney went on to say that he would not be surprised if he has coached some players that were gay at Clemson. “It’s the same thing since I’ve been here at Clemson. I’ve been here 11 seasons now and I’d be foolish to think there hasn’t been a few guys that have come through here. A football team is really just a reflection of society. You’ve got 118, 120 guys on the team, you got a little bit of everything.”

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“It should be about the game, it should be about the team, not someone’s political belief, not some someone’s religious belief and not someone’s sexual orientation is,” said Coach Swinney.

“It’s about can that guy perform and help the team win.”

He continued, “And that’s why I love football. Everyone puts the helmet on, everyone’s got the same jersey on and you go play the game.”

Us too coach, us too.

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