By Rob Hamilton / 92-9 The Game / CBS Sports Atlanta

So we’ve been cooped up for two days now… and we all handle cabin fever a little differently.

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Let me preface by saying that I know this person and know for a fact that this really happened Wednesday, Feb 12th, 2014 in the middle of Winter Storm Pax.

Brad Atkins, an old friend of mine, lives in South Carolina. He’s a Pastor.

Brad, and it appears his son as well, chose to celebrate this particular winter storm by doing what any of us would do… ok, maybe that’s reaching…

They jumped into the pool.  They took an “arctic plunge” in South Carolina.

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CNN has asked to use the video and I imagine it will go viral. Here, I’ll help get it started:

(Credit: YouTube user Brad Atkins)

Disclaimer: We do not encourage nor recommend that you attempt anything like this whatsoever. In fact, we insist that you do not. It’s dangerous. The lawyers were going to make us add something here and that’s all we could think of. It’s common sense.

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