Every year we talked about the same thing during the offseason. Let’s face it, it’s fun! We kick around names like Brady, Manning(s), Rodgers, Brees and sometimes even Romo… We’re talking about which NFL quarterbacks are “elite”. Which NFL quarterbacks belong in that exclusive category?

Well, former Falcon Tony Gonzalez got the conversation started with a little fire this year.

In an interview with ESPN The Magazine recently, Gonzalez was quoted as saying, “Matt’s an excellent quarterback, but he’s not elite. He’s this close. He’ll get there, but he has some learning to do.”

Ok, so most Falcons fans know this, it may be hard to admit, but we know it. But we do not need it said out loud and rubbed in our face!

Matt Ryan is one season into his five year $103 million deal in case you needed reminding of that too.

Tony does like and respect his former QB. He recently told the Falcons official website that Ryan “is better than any other quarterback I’ve played with.”

Which isn’t saying much considering who the men behind center have been in Tony’s career.


So, let the NFL offseason quarterback discussion get started… what do you think? What is your short list of elite quarterbacks in the NFL?

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