LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (CBS Atlanta) – A high school student is in serious trouble after posting a ‘selfie’ photo of herself on Instagram posing with a donated cadaver while on a school field trip.

The Clements High School anatomy students took a trip to the UAB biology department to learn about the university’s anatomical donor program on Monday, WHNT reported.

Students were not supposed to remove sheets from donated bodies and no cell phones or recording devices were allowed to be out on the tour.  But a student took a photo of herself right next an uncovered cadaver.

Another classmate took a screen grab of the post and showed it to her older sister who then contacted school officials.  The student deleted the photo from her private Instagram account.

“We were notified via email this morning from a parent that this incident had occurred,” Karen Tucker, Limestone County School Board Director of Public Relations and Technology, said to WHNT.

A Limestone County Sheriff’s Office investigator questioned students from the high school Tuesday.  Tucker said school officials are gathering information about the incident.

“We are speaking to the University of Alabama Birmingham, they are understandably upset with this incident and we want to preserve our relationship with the university,” Tucker told WHNT.  ”Therefore we are speaking to them and wanting to know how we can mend this process and keep our relationship with them, and we are in the process of deciding on the discipline that will occur.”

It has not been confirmed if the student has been suspended yet.


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