In the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church where her father was eulogized and her grandmother was killed, more King family pain was made bare Thursday afternoon by the late Coretta and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s youngest child, Bernice.

There, with seemingly as many cousins, fellow preachers and activists (including WAOK’s Derrick Boazman) on the stage behind her in support as there was media and supporters filling the pews, the lone surviving daughter of the civil rights icon addressed as best she could the lawsuit brought by her brothers Martin III and Dexter to retrieve, and she says sell, their father’s bible (used in President Barack Obama’s second inauguration) and Nobel Peace Prize.

“Not on my watch,” King insisted. “Those two items are sacred.”

During her near 20-minute address, she also added that while she loves her brothers, “refrain from grouping me with [them]…We are different people, with different minds and different ideologies and most importantly, different relationship with God.”

And at one point King was audibly pained, adding: “Mother and Daddy – I’m so sorry it came to this.”

– Sonia Murray, CBS Local

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