You know, there are only so many kids, that I can say I watched grow from a freshman to a senior in the world of High School sports. Berkmar Center and undecided college commit Tim Rowe is one of those people. When I first saw him four years ago, I had the usual thought of “a freshman on varsity, nothing new”. Back then he was tall (go figure) and skinny, but realized that he had some talent and the kid could play a bit and needed some development. Last week when I watched him play against my Alma Mater Grayson, alongside his top region ranked Berkmar Patriot commrades, I saw many new changes that surprised me!

1) The first basket of the game he took was a 3…Let me inform you that at 6’11 if you can knock down the long range ball your putting yourself in good position for the future. Yes, he only knocked 1, but the second he took was a good look that just rattled in and out. Overall his range was impressive in between the 15 and 17 foot area. He racked up 17 points and if i’m not mistaken 10 of them came in the second half.

2) Handles: like Magic Johnson. Well maybe not that close, but when you execute a jab step and rip through to get yourself in the lane and finish with the bucket, at 6’11; Who can stop you? Rebounding is big plus for him as well considering he’s not afraid to fight inside with anybody. Offensive and defensive end. Speaking of defensive. Let me mention he had 6 blocks in that game! Impressive for a high school kid! At this stage he’s learned to use his body in challenging shots and defending. Not just putting his hands up, but reading opponents to get the swat to save points from drawing on the board.

All In All: As I stated earlier he is still undecided on his college choice. There is also time for him to bring out the true player in him when the region tournament rolls around. If I had to pick a few things for him to improve on, I would say his physical toughness to not get pushed around by the smaller guys, and to add a little weight. He currently stands at 6’11 230 lbs (according to his recruiting stats) and in college, weight and strength play a big role. As I said however, there is still time.

Berkmar could be one of those teams to look out for when it’s tournament time. The offense can hold it’s own, and defensively they don’t look so bad either. Tim Rowe is probably the main contributor to that at both ends of the floor.

Matthew Buggs reporting on behalf of CBS Radio and Atlanta Sports Radio 92.9 The Game.


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