Some athletes whoop and holler and do a dance routine after they score.

Most of your seasoned all-stars will just casually flip the ball over their shoulder.

I mean, hey….just doin’ what I’m paid to do….right?

Lexus’ top-of-the-line LS 460 is like that veteran future Hall-of-Famer.   It just goes about its’ business with a casual, yet polished and professional air.

The ’14 is the second year of the 460’s re-design, and few changes were made…as few changes were needed.

The LS 460 is a complete package…even in base trim.  4.6 liter V-8 putting out 386 athletic, but hushed HP, an 8-speed auto that always has you in the proper gear, heated and cooled leather, concert-hall sound…virtually everything except a heated steering wheel and a blind-spot + rear cross-traffic monitor…which is an additional $500.   Not a big deal if you’re already in LS territory.

The ’14 LS wears it’s now across-the-board Lexus “pinched nose grill” well…looking like a well-toned athlete in a $1,000 suit.   Classic curves and bulges…in all the right places.

With the 460’s classic, timeless styling…and Lexus’ build-quality…and routine maintenance…you could probably drive this vehicle for 10 or more years…and be in style every mile….fitting in anywhere between a board meeting or red-carpet appearance, to a PTA meeting and charity fundraiser.

Now….our test LS 460 came with Lexus’ F Sport package, which adds a little spice to the package.

The LS trades it’s 18-inch alloys for 19’s on performance tires, upgraded and lowered suspension, big Brembo brakes that can haul the F-Sport down from “way-illegal”  in just seconds, and a number of trim pieces that give the F-Sport a distinctive and more serious look.   It’s an $8,350 option package, and one that brings a little more “come look at me” and “let’s play” to Lexus’ otherwise more reserved nature.

Fully loaded with an F-Sport package, our LS 460 stickered at $85,390…and came with EPA ratings of 16 city and 24 highway.   We beat that 24 rating on a trip to Athens…and averaged a little over 20 for the week.

If you want even better mileage, the LS comes as a high-performance hybrid, too…but that’s a $100K+ story for another day.



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