Former 49ers offensive tackle, 3x Super Bowl Champ and Auburn University player, Steve Wallace joined the Morning Show on Wednesday. Wallace, a former teammate of Randy Cross, joked about his nickname “Big Sexy” by his fellow teammates and how it started. He also reminisced with Randy about fighting to block now NFL Draft Bust, Seattle’s Brian Bosworth. He said blocking Bosworth always made you look good.

Wallace, who’s also an Auburn Alum talked about being in the press box for the most recent Auburn/Alabama game and jumping into the big pile after the game. He went on to discuss the upcoming National Championship game and what his team needs to do to beat Jameis Winston. He called the Auburn Offensive line, “Grea…” but said he will apply the “T” out if they beat Florida State.

Steve Wallace was only 1 of 2 guys to where the “bubble helmet” when he played. He talked about the concussions he had gotten without the helmet and said he wore it so he could be coherent in the future.

Listen to the full interview below:


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