Thursday Dec 12th I had a chance to catch up with Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez to ask him about a wide range of topics, as the team prepares to play the Redskins this Sunday in the Georgia Dome.

We covered the team’s attitude with the (3-10) record on the season on through Mike Shanahan and the Redskins deciding to “shut down” quarterback Robert Griffin III for the rest of the season.

I started by asking him about their match up with Washington this week and click below to hear his answer to that question and other questions.

Tony says “This is the last three games of my career, so I am taking advantage and you know, really trying to enjoying it as I can.”

I asked Tony what else beside milestone footballs, gloves etc was he holding to as his career wraps up. “Memories,” says Gonzalez. “When I get off of 85 every morning onto 985 it’s a pretty drive. When you are driving down that highway and look up and see the trees and birds flying and clouds, I’m just trying to take mental snapshots of everything that I can because I want to remember it…”