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After watching and hearing what Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said in his press conference on Wednesday I am still laughing! What about you?
The decision to bench Robert (Bob) Griffin the 3rd now makes no sense. I have never heard of trying to save a player for the off-season. Is RG3 having a bad year? Yes. He has been having a bad season going back to week 2 of the NFL season, and if you didn’t know that he was not healthy, wasn’t explosive, could not run like he was running last year, make the plays he was making last year. THEN YOU HAVE NOT BEEN WATCHING. Shanahan wants us to believe that because his QB has suffered more than 100 quarterback hits that NOW is time to sit him (so that he can be healthy in the off-season).

30. Washington Redskins (3-9)

If you’re a fool, one might think that Shanahan is “saving RG3” or “Protecting him” when in fact this move from Mike Shanahan is one of defiance. Benching the guy Owner Dan Snyder wanted and traded up to get in RG3 and starting the guy you wanted with three games to play in Kurt Cousins is totally disrespectful when the guy you have been starting RG3 is cleared to play and healthy. Its not all RG3’s issue. Mike Shanahan is hoping to be fired and let go from a situation he has created by the way he has handled things from the start of the season. He admitted yesterday “HE DOES NOT TELL THE TRUTH” and has not told the truth in football matters, but yet wanted us to believe that he is being “truthful in his reason to make this decision” STOP IT! In the words of Donald Trump “Your Fired”. Mike Shanahan when you get gone at the end of the season, make sure you look in the mirror when you start thinking about why you didn’t work in Washington.

New York Giants v Washington Redskins

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