The biggest fighting promotion in the world, The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced yesterday that they are going to have an “Ultimate Fighter” season based around bringing in 115 lbs females to battle out for the inaugural UFC Strawweight Title. Whereas, I understand the “knowledge & marketing” behind this, I can’t get behind it 100%! UFC president Dana White has stated in the past that the “only” reason that females are fighting in the UFC is because of Ronda Rousey’s success in Strikeforce.

Out of the 11 fighters that have agree to take part in this “Ultimate Fighter” season, there are only TWO fighters (they are best friends outside of the cage) that I can see that can be marketable in the UFC and they are “Cookie Monster” Carla Esparza and Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig. Carla is the current (now former) Invicta Fighting Championship Strawweight champion. With a 9-2 record (including 6 finishes), she could be the “focus” point in the division for years to come. My favorite Strawweight fighter has to be Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig. For the casual fans, Herrig is a “marketing” dream for anyone! Her sexual appeal, outspoken personality, and her fashionable weigh-in costumes (check out Youtube) is a marketing “dream”.

The other nine fighters that the UFC got for this “experiment” are talented, but they  don’t have the “WOW” factor that is needed to be “market” in the UFC. I am not saying they are not talented (46-8 record combine). Out of those 46 victories, who have those females fought?…no one! I know what most of you are about to say “Well., Tecia Torres just beat Felice Herrig by decision at the Invictia 7 PPV”. Do you actually think that Tecia Torres can finish anyone that’s “really” talented? I think not!! Out of the nine fighters that have the biggest upside is Claudia Gadelha. With training partners such as Jose Aldo, Eduardo Dantas, and Renan Barão, the sky is the limit for this female fighter.

Dana White is a “Smart” businessman and we are just going to have to appreciate what he is doing to make the UFC (more interested to the females), but to bring in MORE female fighters is a “stupid” idea. With an overcrowded roster of talent already, the UFC don’t need another division to confuse fans. At least, they are having a tournament to determine the first ever champion (unlike at Bantamweight). Only time will tell if this 115lb Strawweight division will work, but I am not holding my “breath”!

Until Next Time…

*Kurt Johnson is a sports blogger for Atlanta Sports Talk Radio 92-9 The Game in Atlanta. You can contact him at or follow him on twitter @kjexperience.


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