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By Rob Hamilton / CBS Atlanta

This happened. Actually happened.

Marvey’o Otey had, what has to at least be in running for, the shot of the year.

The amazing shot happened Tuesday night in the fourth quarter for William Byrd High School in Virginia, who was trailing the Cave Spring Knights by six points.

The fast break takes him down left hand sideline and as he chases down the over thrown ball he heaves it behind his back, presumably to set up an assist, towards the goal…

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Except it went in.

And unfortunately for him, as you can see in the video, he never saw it! Otey was moving at a fast pace and his momentum took him right out of the gym through an open door.

“(Brad Newman) got the rebound and as soon as he got the rebound — because we’re a fast-break team — he just chucked it. He threw it too far. I was just like, Oh, man,” Otey told the New York Daily News. “I tried to track it down and keep it in bounds so we could get a quick bucket or something and then it just wound up happening.”

Despite the great shot, Otey’s Terriers lost to the Knights, 76-69.

So as the year begins to wrap up, we’ll begin gathering lots of these plays up from this year and we’ll put together a “Best Of”…

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You can bet this one will be on it.