Orlando (WAOK/WFTV) — George Zimmerman, the man found not guilty in the murder of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, was notified by the attorneys that aided in his exoneration that they intend to collect the $2.5 million owed to them.

In April 2012, Defense Attorney Mark O’Mara took on the case by committing to represent Zimmerman free of charge. Soon after, Don West joined the case and agreed with this commitment as well, but after finding that Zimmerman was receiving money through an online fundraiser the attorneys changed their minds. Zimmerman was able to raise over $400,000 through his online donation fund.

Of the money that was raised through donations, most was spent on the hiring of experts as witnesses to give testimony during the trial and not paid to lawyers. O’Mara has remained insistent that he and West only received a small amount of money for their defense work and claims that they each spent nearly 3,000 hours working the case and should be paid accordingly. O’Mara charges $400 an hour and West $350, respectively.

According to recent court documents a midst George Zimmerman’s latest arrest for assault and battery charge against his girlfriend, he has just $144. Zimmerman is currently free on a $9,000 bail for those charges and has pled not guilty. Zimmerman is also undergoing divorce proceedings from his wife, Shellie.

Written by Sherman H. Smith Jr (WAOK/Intern)

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