For anyone who was “stupid” enough to actually believe that All-Star catcher Brain McCann was going to resign as an Atlanta Braves apparently doesn’t understand what a DH (designated hitter) is. I have always been a Brain McCann fan since his prep days at Duluth High School and he will always be one of my favorite Braves of all-time, but he is better suited in the American League as a combination of a DH/part-time catcher.

If he would have remained in Atlanta, he would have been in a “crowded” group of catchers. With part-time catcher Evan Gattis, newcomer Christian Bethancourt, and “Overrated” Gerald Laird being the depth heading into the 2014 season, I am still having my doubts on this group. Within the last week or so, the Braves have not resign a number 1 pitcher (Tim Hudson) and a borderline Hall of Famer (Brain McCann) leave a city that haven’t had a World Series championship since 1995.

I understand the business side of baseball and the New York Yankees is getting a good player in Brain McCann. If you don’t think that McCann will help the Yankees, just look at what their catchers did for them last year!! They played like “Double-A” baseball players and got abused by the New York press. I wish Brain would have gone to another team (other than the Yankees) in the American league, but he should be able to help the Yankees get “relevant” once again with their talented roster.

Every since I was little, I haven’t really had a “favorite” team in baseball (just like in professional basketball), that I root for, but I tend to root for players that I enjoyed watching. Regardless of what team Brain McCann is on, I will always be a fan of his and hope he continue success in his baseball career. If he remains healthy, I can see him play another six years and help out any team with his  great” leadership skills and being a “voice” in any clubhouse in the major leagues. He may not be a Brave anymore, but I will always be a fan!!

Going into the 2014 season, we will have to have “faith” in a part-time catcher, a rookie, and an “over-the-hill” catcher (gees…that will put a lot of butts in the seats!!) to get the “numbers” that a 7-time All-Star catcher (in 9 seasons) did for us.  Thanks for nine great seasons in the “ATL”, Brain!!  You will be missed more than you think!

*Kurt Johnson is a Programming Intern/Sports Blogger for Atlanta Sports Radio 92-9 The Game in Atlanta. You can contact him at or follow him on twitter @kjexperience.


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