Earlier this week on “The Rick & Jamie Show” we asked you to name someone in sports history that no matter what, he or she always got their numbers.

The responses we received were so phenomenal that it compelled us to ask another question that is certain to stimulate you sports enthusiasts and historians: WHO WERE THE GREATEST TEAMS TO NEVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP?

Constructing the list was both fun and challenging at the same time.  Do we select teams that represented a certain era; a team that had a good 2-3 year window or teams that had spectacular and surprising single seasons?  Well we decided to combine all of those elements for this concoction.

While you ponder your answers, here’s our “Disappointed Dozen”:

12.  Knicks/Jazz/Blazers Teams that faced the Bulls in the Finals during the ’90s

11.  2002 Miami Hurricanes Football Team (team featured future NFLers Willis McGahee, Andre Johnson, & Sean Taylor but lost to eventual champions Ohio State in the title game).

10.  2000 Portland Trailblazers (Rasheed Wallace, Steve Smith & Scottie Pippen almost got it done in a grueling 7 game WCF matchup versus the Lakers until a 4th quarter implosion sealed their fate).

9.  Seattle Mariners (We could’ve gone with the 2001 Mariners that posted a MLB best 116-46 record, but the Mariners teams of the mid 90s that fielded a roster consisting of Ken Griffey Jr, Randy Johnson & Alex Rodriguez takes the cake).

8.  1972 Olympic Men’s Basketball Team (Doug Collins and Company were robbed by the refs).

7.  1991 Buffalo Bills (I figured the first Bills  team to make 4 straight Super Bowl appearances was the best).

6.  2000 St. Louis Rams (Before we witnessed the legendary greatness of Tom Brady, it was an upset when the Pats beat the “Greatest Show on Turf” led by Kurt Warner and Marshall Falk).

5.  1995 Orlando Magic (if you played basketball video games circa ’94-’95, you only played with two teams: the Golden State Warriors featuring CWebb, Sprewell, Tim Hardaway & Chris Mullin and perhaps the greatest team ever on paper: The Orlando Magic.  The Magic’s starting lineup was talented at every position.  If only Shaq respected Hakeem a little less than he did).

4.  1998 Minnesota Vikings (Scrambling Rambling Randall Cunningham finally figured it out—being a pocket passer—and Randy Moss terrorized the league with one of the most sensational rookie seasons ever as the Vikes went 15-1.  And oh yeah, Hall of Fame WR Cris Carter was on that team with a very productive Robert Smith still toting the rock at RB).

3.   1991 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels Hoop Team (Vegas was arguably the original “Fab 5” when it came to culture influence and transcendence.  Leading up to their matchup against Duke in the ’91 Final Four, the Rebels were undefeated.  Even though the Blue Devils broke UNLVs heart, they did win a ring the year before).

2.  FAB 5 (One of the 5 most important entities to cultivate and influence the sport of basketball, Michigan’s “FAB 5” should’ve won at least one National Title as a unit).

1.  2007 New England Pats (16-0 Regular Season, Randy Moss NFL record 23 Receiving TD’s; Tom Brady NFL record 50 passing TDs).





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