Toyota advertises this as the “Build, haul, tow, do anything truck”.

I’d throw in “drive across the country, too”….if gas isn’t an issue for you.

Everyone who saw this truck was positively knocked out by it’s interior!

Our Tundra came in Toyota’s new-for-’14 “1794” edition.   The “1794” and the “Platinum” are Toyota’s top-of-the-line models….and they’re both basically a great big can of “Can-Do”!

The Platinum is their chrome and black Urban-themed offering, while the 1794 has more of a Western theme….with brown perforated leather seating with suede inserts….heated and ventilated, of course….and a whole lot more.

But it’s the guts of the truck that make this beast the all-capable “do-anything” machine that it is.

Our $46,034 1794 Tundra had everything except 4-wheel-drive….and if you need that, it’s only $3,050 more.

By “everything”, we mean:  limo-like room and luxury for 5, a 5.7 liter V-8 putting out 381 HP and 401 ft. lbs. of torque, a 6-speed automatic, a 5.5 foot double-walled bed with bedliner, moonroof, power rear window, 60/40 folding rear seats, an “e-tune” 32-station JBL HD audio system with Nav, apps and Bluetooth, a much-needed rear backup cam and parking sonar ( this is one BIG truck ), plus running boards for ease of entry.

As for the “guts”, this Tundra was built to tote.  It had a 4.3 rear-end…giving it the ability to tow 10,000 lbs….or carry 1,500 pounds.  It also came with a heavy-duty engine and transmission cooler, trailer sway-control, headlight leveling for when you’re carrying heavy loads….all topped off with 20-inch chrome wheels.

With it’s serious “hard-work” 4.3 gearing, our Tundra was rated at 13 MPG city and 18 Hwy.   We averaged 16 in mixed in-town and expressway.

If you don’t need all the luxury and capability of the “1794” edition, you can step into a “SR” Tundra regular-cab with a 4.0 V6 and a 5-speed stick for as little as $26,915 incl. transportation.   You’ll see 16-20 MPG.

The $30,460 SR5 gives you HD and Sirius radio, chrome wheels, and e-tune with a touch screen.

Step up to a Limited and enjoy power leather heated front seats, nav, power rear window and chrome 20’s for $37,935.

But…..if you want to go first-class, the Tundra’s “1794” edition is the “head-turner” of the bunch!



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