Today on Too Much Truth, DB comes across an article where platinum-selling rapper Nelly talks about his feelings towards a couple of students at Spelman College. To refresh your memory, in April of 2004, Nelly scheduled a bone-marrow drive for his sister at the historical college. It was said to be cancelled after a group of young ladies from the school protested his appearance because of his “Tip Drill” video. According to the students, they felt that the video was derogatory towards women.

To recently Nelly talked to a reporter from Huffington Post about how he felt about the situation. He feels that the ladies were wrong for the protest, and this was not the right time since he was trying to find a bone marrow for his sister. Do you agree that the ladies were wrong for protesting Nelly during his bone marrow drive, or do you feel that they were right to speak up about the image he portrayed in his “Tip Drill” video?  Click on the links below to hear others reactions.