Put’em Up

What is your work place environment? The climate? For the Miami Dolphins their work place environment is one that allows bullying. I know what you’re thinking these are grown ass men! But it happens and with the Dolphins this has been the environment. I was bullied once in my life and I was forced to handle it. I was in the 4th grade and the Bully’s name was “Rent” as in “You owe me rent”. This kid punked everyone and when it came time for him to punk me, he did it on the bus ride home one day. He beat me up, after he sucker punched me and I fell between two seats and he worked me. When I got home and my Mom saw that I had been in fight, a very one sided fight she said “if you don’t stand up to this young man he is going to whip your ass everyday” If you come home tomorrow looking like this ‘YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH ME!’ I knew right then what had to be done. I was going to have to stand up to Rent who was bigger, meaner, tougher for heaven sakes the kid had muscles in the 4th grade. But there was no way I was coming home to deal with Mama, now that was an ASS whipping I didn’t want to take.

 Mama or Rent? The choice that we have to make at some point in our lives. Carl Dukes  Putem Up

Richie Incognito needs to be gone from the NFL, Im sure he can’t get a job as a guy that breaks peoples legs when they are late paying their bookies. Jonathan Martin, the guy Incognito bullied is known as soft-spoken and thoughtful who is also a Stanford Grad. Incognito is a dirty player who is willing to block you by all means necessary, it’s why he has a job. He’s a tone-setter, the guy who announces your team’s presence. Behavior from players at certain positions is not only tolerated but cherished it provides the kind of toughness you need to compete. So that is why a guy with a history of problems like Incognito is playing in the NFL.

 Mama or Rent? The choice that we have to make at some point in our lives. Carl Dukes  Putem Up

Incognito’s viciousness has been revealed through voice mails and texts to Martin. Should Martin have done to Incognito, what I did with Rent? Man Up? It’s easy to say yes, but if the Dolphins Organization was paying attention to its locker room and personnel, Martin would not have had to do anything. Do you believe Incognito would be cowed by a confrontation? To blame Martin is to ignore reality and uphold the twisted norms of the misguided subculture that allowed this type of environment to persist. We now live in a society of disrespect-me-and-pay-the-price. Think Aaron Hernandez!

Martin did the right thing by walking away and letting the Dolphins handle this. His work environment was not safe. Can you image if Martin wanting retaliation brought a gun to work into the Dolphins locker room to “handle this”. What I have learned over the years of covering the NFL is that NFL offensive linemen are often the most intelligent members of a team and Martin proved that to me again by making the decisions he did to deal with this.

Richie Incognito, has been suspended as the NFL investigates if he sent Jonathan Martin, harassing texts and voicemail messages.
The Dolphins’ situation appears to be a systemic breakdown, with the older men at the top unable or unwilling to police the younger men below.
Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin took the blame for the environment that was created in his locker room, which forced Martin to leave the team last week following a lunchroom incident. Philbin said “I want you to know as head coach of the Miami Dolphins, I am in charge of the workplace atmosphere,” Philbin said. “Since April 10, 2012, when players first came here. … Every decision I’ve made, everything we’ve done at this facility was done with one thing in mind: that is to help our players and our organization to reach their full potential. Any type of conduct and behavior that detracts from that objective will not be tolerated.”

 Mama or Rent? The choice that we have to make at some point in our lives. Carl Dukes  Putem Up

I hope that your work environment is safe, and if not and you’re being bullied do what Jonathan Martin did…Walk away and let them (your employer) handle it until it is a safe climate. If you’re being Bullied don’t return to the job and do something stupid that could change the rest of your life. This is not the 4th grade! We are grown ass people, with lives and families its just not worth it for a Bully!

Put’em Up
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