You don’t have to tell this guy from the west that the Georgia Florida game is a big one for both schools. But what I have heard even more is the tailgating that is involved beforehand! This is something that I hold dear to my heart. Tailgating is essential for any sports fan; it’s what gives you the power to yell your hearts out, either angrily at the refs or cheers of joy for the good guys (pick your team). But even when you are playing tailgating games or just sitting back eating and drinking (which is a game in itself), not a lot of people plan ahead for after the game.

First off, keep it simple. Unless you want people to think that you are still that crazy frat guy post college, if so, go crazy kids. But with wearing simple pieces with a jacket, school color ties or bowties with a few other items can make you look like you came to party and cheer on your team with some style. And that will go noticed.

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Secondly, make it your own. Don’t wear something that you think thousands of other college students, graduates or alumni’s will be wearing. The best thing to do is to make something your own. And own it! It can be as simple as a basic vintage t-shirt that has been in your family for generations or something that you bought the other day. It’s all about being comfortable with what you are wearing.

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Lastly, it should be something that you can wear into an establishment post game. Because no one wants to be that girl/guy who holds everyone else back because they thought body paint counted as a shirt.

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These are just some basic suggestions for all of you who will be traveling down for the game this weekend. The most important thing from all of this is to just go out and have fun and cheer on your team!