The Week in Review As We Know It (on the Morning Show)

This week it started with some heart ache
and a bunch of Falcon problems, the season’s over by Week 8

Defeated in the desert, 27-13
Matty threw 4 picks, time to buy cheap tix
Nick Saban may be off to ATX
We heard him sing about it with the SABAND first hand
A bunch of nothing happened at the trade deadline
The ghost of Pete Rosen back by popular demand!
T-Dogg from the Walking Dead came back to life to tell us all about his book

Dexter Manley called a certain Cowboy Quarterback a queer
Coach Ron Zook drinks NATTIE LIGHT BEER!
Rude kid named Zach, Healthy Halloween Snacks?
Big Papi World Series MVP! BOOM
The Hawks home opener tips at 7:30 tonight!…The pants will be tight!

It’s the week in review as we know it
It’s the week in review as we wrote it
It’s the week in review as we know it
On the Morning Show

(Watch Inside Stuff Tomorrow!)
(With your new host Kristen Ledlow!)

Listen on a mobile device: 110113 “WEEK IN REVIEW”



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