Atlanta (WAOK) — Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless held a press conference at 11 a.m. Tuesday at the Georgia World Congress Center to unveil plans for its 44th consecutive dinner event series. This Holiday season the organization plans to serve more than 40,000 people on days that are traditionally family-oriented and celebratory so that they will feel love and compassion. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Easter are four of the five major dinner events to be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in order to impact the community.

Afemo and Elisabeth Omilami, COO and CEO, respectively, honored numerous community partners for their contributions and commitment to provide a helping hand. Among those honored was Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank and he Arthur Blank Foundation, who provided $60,000 to pay rental fee’s through the holiday season for the World Congress Center. Lisa Thomas of the Dekalb County Community and Development Offices, and the Harry Norman Realty Company, who led the Green Bean Drive were also among those honored.

Hosea Feed The Hungry was presented with a check from 1-800-411-PAIN by the accident & injury law office of Kanner & Pintaluga in the amount of $15,411. The money from this check will be used to bolster the commitment that HFTH has given to the community by paying the bill for HAZMAT trailers that will be placed at the Georgia World Congress Center for the Thanksgiving Dinner event. “Many of the 5 to 6,000 individuals that come to this event have not taken a shower in six months, the children have not had their hair washed and their hair is matted, and sometimes the men have not taken off their shoes and their feet are infected” Omalimi explains. The HAZMAT trailers will hold showers and sinks for bathing and hair-washing, as well as space for barbers and beauticians, a medical clinic, and children’s clothing closet.

“Our theme is providing solutions for individuals and families that are the invisible America” Elisabeth Omilami said as she addressed the crowd. She expressed concern for those who may be hungry or alone during the holiday seasons, citing depression and being without family as causes for suicide and drug use. “There is an invisible America…at any given night there are 27,000 homeless individuals in the city of Atlanta”. She continued by stating that Hosea Feed the Hungry will be “setting up satellite offices all over Atlanta” in Dekalb, Gwinnett, and Clayton counties. This will enable those who reside in counties other than Fulton the opportunity to be provided food and services. Many counties in metro Atlanta, such as Clayton, do not have operating bus lines therefore these satellite offices are of much importance to the HFTH organization.

Hosea Feed the Hungry prides itself on being more than just an organization that helps to feed and clothe impoverished people in the Atlanta area. Amy Smith, whose daughter was recently released from the hospital due to a horrific car accident, spoke on the help that Hosea Feed the Hungry gave her during a bleak time. “I reached out to Mrs. Omilami & Hosea Feed the Hungry and they immediately came to the hospital to be with us. Hosea Feed the Hungry has been with us in an unusual way…they were like our family. Calling everyday, bringing food, helping us manage to get through this.”

Outreach events that HFTH will host throughout the year were discussed as well. Hosea Feed the Hungry has partnered with Microsoft to hold a workshop on Microsoft Office that will teach the benefits of as well as how to utilize the technology to the utmost level, which is imperative to learn to do so in today’s world. During labor day of next year, HFTH will make available 80 employers, up from the 40 it provided this year, so the 417,345 unemployed in the state of Georgia will be able to apply for well-paying jobs.

2013-2014 Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless Events

Thursday, November 7 Great Turkey Drop Off
Tuesday, November 19 V-103/WAOK Live Remote/Fundaraiser
Wednesday, November 27 Thanksgiving Dinner Preperation – Dekalb County Jail
Thursday, November 28 Thanksgiving Day Dinner
Tuesday, December 24 Christmas Dinner Preperation – Dekalb County Jail
Wednesday, December 25 Christmas Day Dinner
Monday, January 20 Martin Luther King Day Dinner
Sunday, April 20 Easter Dinner

Click the links below to listen to clips from Elisabeth Omalimi and the Hosea Feed the Hungry press conference

For more information about these events, please call Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless at 404-755-3353.
Hosea Feed The Hungry and Family Crisis Center is located at 1035 Donnelly Ave S.W., Atlanta, GA 30310

GIVE $10 by texting HFTH to 20222

Written by Sherman H. Smith Jr (WAOK/Intern)


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