It’s football season here in Georgia! You can smell the Friday night air, the sun going down as the bright lights shine over the field, and hear the band entering the stands. As a former player I look behind me from the sideline and see a full house and tell myself “this is awesome!” The whole off season from January to August is nothing but brutal workouts, long runs and early morning wake ups. All this just to play a few months of football? The risk is worth the reward I guess. What about basketball though? The season for all schools is over around March. So what goes on in the meantime? Summer leagues are one thing. AAU teams that travel and play other teams, locally, nationally, and sometimes internationally is another. For some, the summer is seen as a private workout period whether it includes shooting drills, conditioning drills, and pick up games. Others just relax; at least until the conditioning phase arrives in September. That’s when the coaches get out their whistle and tell all who want to participate, “after today, somebody ain’t gone make it,” tells them where to line up, and gets it going. The legs of the poor souls become victim to running 2, 3, even 4 miles on the track in between continuous snake runs up and down the bleachers. That was just the first test to see who’s in shape during the 6-8 week conditioning period. Now begins the best part. The test to see if a player has been working on his game when not at school.


When? Today. Monday October 28th. (All the way through Friday to be exact.)

This week, there will be many hurt feelings that need to be reported and crushed toes. Literally. With pre-season scrimmages a few weeks away, I, Matthew Buggs, along with fellow classmate and former South Gwinnett Alumnus Kurt Johnson, and basketball analyst “The Motown Dice” Mike Dyson, search the area for the top basketball players in the state. How they look, where they’re going, and what’s in store for the season ahead here in Georgia. Questions, comments, and even help to find and discover new talent is welcome. Follow my twitter @SportsFuture_44 and let me know what you see and find! I’ll see you in the bleachers this season!


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