“It’s The Week in Review As We Know It (on the Morning Show)” 10/25

So many upsets in the SEC
The Bulldogs lost in Nashville, for the first time since Ledlow was 3

Grambling has mold spores, all the players returned
Jason called a racist, cuz everybody’s racist
The Falcons are riding a one game streak
after beating up the MRSA tainted Buccaneers, all clear
Peyton Manning and the Broncos lost their first game
and the Red Sox got to show off all their World Series Beards!
The Ghost of Ted Williams said his children went against his will and froze his head

The Falcons may or may not make a move before the trade deadline
Adrian Peterson?, YOU MUST BE HIGH!
Yup List Love Jams, Brett Favre to the Rams?
Video of fatty Jason singing Poison TUNES!
Is everybody looking forward to a killer Friday Night?…Falcon Right!

It’s the week in review as we know it
It’s the week in review as we wrote it
It’s the week in review as we know it
On the Morning Show


Liston on mobile device: 10/25/13 WEEK IN REVIEW



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