So “Aaron Murray” sent in another email and song after this past weekends loss to Vandy. Both are posted here:



I’m a positive person. I really am, but this is getting ridiculous.
We got beat by a bunch of rich nerds. Vandy people… ALMOST worse than Tech people (almost). It was the first time we’ve lost to Vanderbilt in Nashville since 1991! I was just a baby then!

After the game, Coach Richt sounded like John Goodman from Revenge of the Nerds (audio attached) Remember that movie? I know it’s from the 80s… but there’s no rule that says that people born in 1990 can’t know about older stuff, especially a timeless piece of cinema like that.

Anyway, after the game I took our Bulldog Mascot, (Uga IX) for a walk around downtown Nashville to do some soul searching. Walking dogs is GREAT for meeting chicks, btw.

When I got back to Athens, I had a few drinks and unwound by writing this new song about the Vandy game. I’ve been listening to a lot of 90s alt rock since I heard you talking about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last week. That Jacob guy KNOWS what he’s talking about.

As usual, this song comes in at the mandatory 2 minute time limit as declared by your janitor.

Regrettably, it’s entitled “Beat By Vandy”. I wish it was more upbeat, but I write from the heart… and I have to be true to myself.

Love and Froot Loops,



“Beat By Vandy”- AMurr

Hangin’ round Nashville
by myself

And I had so much time
To think about
our special teams
And fumbled punts
and snaps that were too high
and fumbled punts
and all the injured guys

We got beat by
Vandy there
First time in over
Twenty years
What’s up with all those
4 eyed squares
in the student section
Uga this can’t be

Poundin’ in touchdowns by myself
cuz I’ve got no one
left to receive
And now I’m drinkin’
by myself
Can’t get a buzz
I need more than chardonnay
I guess I’ll chug
this Mike’s Hard Lemonade

We got beat by
Vandy there
First time in
over 20 years
What’s up with all those
4 eyed squares
in the student section
UGA this can’t be

This must be a bad dream

Listen on Mobile Device: AMurr- Beat By Vandy


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