Screeeeeech! The sound of momentum slowing down a bit after finishing 1-1 on “fa sho” picks and erroneously taking the Broncos on wildcard picks. Prior to last week, the Jags were 0-5 vs the spread. Thanks Peyton Manning for being less than perfect for once. Although last week was not a total bust, week’s 5 success is more of what we are looking forward to. So again, there are two “fa sho” picks and a wildcard pick for you to consider this week. Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only.

Week 7 “Fa Sho” Picks

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For the first game versus the spread let us take a trip “Chocolate City” for a game between Washington and the Bears of Chicago. Ironically, there is no spread in this game; it is a pick’em game or the spread is 0. With that stated, this spread is too low for the Bears who have had 12 days rest after defeating the Giants on Thursday night football a week ago. The Bears, behind new head coach, Marc Trestman, are 4-2 and looking to remain on top of the NFC North. Jay Cutler is on pace to throw 32 touchdowns and pass for over 4000 yards this season but this weekend he faces his arch nemesis, Washington’s cornerback, DeAngelo Hall who in 2010 picked Culter of 4 times in a game including a pick 6. Unfortunately this is 2013 and the Bears are currently ranked 4th in the NFL in total offense while Washington’s defense is ranked 21st. The Bears defense is not ranked any better as they hold the 28th spot but Washington’s offense, being led by a rusty kneed RG3, is ranked 25th in the league. Until Washington shows any signs of being above mediocrity take the opponent especially when the spread is non-existent. Bears over Washington for “fa sho” pick number one.

MetLife stadium is the scene of the next crime as the 1-4 Vikings take their pathetic act to New York to face a team more pathetic than them, the winless dwarfs formerly known as the Giants. This is a crime considering the NFL has this game on Primetime Monday Night Football. The book makers in Las Vegas are giving the Vikings 3 points versus the Dwarfs at home this weekend and the numbers support taking the Vikings. The Dwarfs are ranked 29 on offense and even worse, 32nd, on defense while the Vikings are ranked 18th and 25th respectively. Two things the numbers do not reflect: 1.) Josh Freeman is getting his first start as a Viking after being released by the Bucs just a couple weeks ago. In three starts with the Bucs in which they were 0-3, Josh completed 46% of his passes while throwing only 2 touchdowns to 3 interceptions. 2.) The Dwarfs will not lose every game and what better way to get off the schneid than by playing the Vikings at home, Monday night, against a team being quarterbacked by Josh Freeman. Contrary to what the numbers state, take the Dwarfs (-3) this Monday. It is a “fa sho”!

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Wildcard Special

This week’s wildcard special is the 49ers versus the Titans (+3). Both teams play hard-nosed football, fielding defenses that have 13 takeaways coming into this weekend ‘s game. The 49ers also have the 10th ranked offense going into  Nashville. Compile on the fact Jake Locker is making his return after missing two games with a hip sprain. Although Locker was having his best season of his career before the injury, he may be a little bit off his game since he was limited in practice this week. Though it is a home game for the 3-3 Titans, take the 49ers (-3).

So to recap, take the Giants (-3) and the Bears ( pk) “fa sho” while as a wildcard take the 49ers (-3) on the road versus the Titans.  This week promises to be better than the prior week to keep up with recent week’s success. You may follow meon twitter @nottydred. Til next weekend, thank you and stay blessed.

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