(CBS ATLANTA) — Anxiety and worries over penis size do not actually correlate to whether or not a man may be big or small.

A new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine finds that while some well-endowed men have “penis shame,” many men with smaller than average penises expressed solid confidence.

“It’s an emotional feeling,” study leader and King’s College psychiatrist David Veale said of penis shame. Like other forms of body discontent or self-consciousness, penis-size anxiety is rarely linked to the reality of a man’s size, he told LiveScience.

The study also found that men worry far more about their penis size than women. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who did not prefer vaginal orgasms were far less concerned about penis size than women who experienced numerous vaginal orgasms.

The King’s College London study recruited 173 men to be surveyed on body image, erectile function and penis concerns. Forty six of the men also agreed to have their size measured by a urologist in erect and flaccid states.

The questionnaires were meant to measure the men’s fears or concerns that he would be rejected due to his penis size, or show his anxieties about being naked around other men and women who would possibly judge his size.

According to Veale, the most surprising response to one of the questions was men’s agreement with the statement: “Others will be able to see the size or shape of my penis even when I have my trousers on.”

“That must be extreme self-consciousness,” Veale told LiveScience.

An Indiana University study of penis size from earlier this year found that “other factors (such as intimacy, affection, and psychological connection) are more important than a person’s genital size,” wrote researcher Debby Herbernick, Ph.D. “That doesn’t mean that genital size is never important to some people, but it does suggest that human qualities are among the more important aspects of human sexuality.”

The research published in the July edition of the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that the average erect length of the penis is 14.15 cm (5.6 inches), with an average erect circumference of 12.23 cm (4.8 inches).


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