On PowerTalk with Mrs. Lorraine Jacques-White today we had a controversial topic that got our Power Talk audience very enthusiastic and eager to comment. The topic of discussion was based upon Bill O’Reilly’s controversial new book “Killing Jesus”. O’Reilly is a devout Catholic, but Killing Jesus is not a religious book it is a historical book he states.

This historical book gives you insight on Jesus the man not the divine lord. O’Reilly also shared the most surprising thing he learned about Jesus throughout the writing process.

“That he was a regular guy, very afraid, very afraid,” the television host explained. “Scared to die. Scared to be put on a cross. And that he got angry and that he was a little violent — and that he was a man.”

As for the anger and violence mentioned during the interview, O’Reilly was referring to Jesus’ anger over the temple becoming a place of commerce.

He explaines the historical observation that Jesus was killed because of taxes. “The basic argument of the book is that Jesus died because he interfered with the taxation-heavy Roman revenue stream.” “The reason the Jews eagerly anticipated the Messiah, writes O’Reilly, is, ‘When that moment arrives, Rome will be defeated and their lives will be free of taxation and want.’”

O’Reilly made it clear that he believes God called him to write the book. After explaining that the idea came to him in the middle of the night, the commentator said that he believes it was ordained by the Lord. “My inspiration comes from that and so I wrote ‘Killing Jesus,’ because I think I was directed to write that.”

Our PowerTalk audience found this topic to be very religous instead of political and they were determind to state there opinions.

Take A Listen To The Show:


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