On PowerTalk with Mrs. Lorraine Jacques-White Federal workers in Atlanta to be furloughed. The government shutdown could possibly affect as many as 2,000 members of the Georgia National Guard. Many of the 15,000 members are part time and are also working other jobs, but there are around 1,500 full-time Georgia National Guard employees.

Although the federal government pays the salaries of those full-time employees, they are considered civilian employees, and will not be covered by the law President Barack Obama signed on Monday night guaranteeing a paycheck for all active-duty members of the military.

The Centers for Disease Control headquarters in DeKalb County stated that thousands of workers would be furloughed, if the shutdown were to take effect. They’d join thousands of federal employees statewide, but the impact on metro Atlanta’s economy will go way beyond that.

Tens of thousands of federal employees who are considered “non-essential” are facing furloughs, with no guarantee of getting back pay once Congress makes the final deal.

National Parks Shut DownMetro Atlanta’s national parks will lose $280K per day in the shut down. The government shutdown will cost metro Atlanta’s economy $280,000 a day, just from revenue generated by national parks.

Take a listen news coverage on how the Government Shutdown is affecting Georgians

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