Dr. Dre sells headphones.

He used to sell classic albums. For more than a decade, Dre has teased the Detox record but it never happened. It won’t happen. The window has passed. He is too old (48, more like 88 in rap years) or can’t replicate the magic from The Chronic/2001 days or simply doesn’t want to. Over the years, he’s leaked a few records supposedly for Detox, to mixed reviews and ‘eh’ shrugs. It’s time to stop waiting.

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So now he sells headphones. There is good money in headphones. Crazy money.

Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer doesn’t want to sell headphones. He wants to coach.

In that case, does Beamer — after putting out classic material and a few five-mic-level albums in his own right — have another hit record in him?

It’s not time to write Beamer off. Tech has started slow in previous non-conference seasons and still won ACC championship games in the same year (see: 2008 loss to ECU and 2010 loss to James Madison). It’d be fun to see Beamer crack the ‘Chasing the Devil’ Top 10 this season and plunge into the race to unseat Nick Saban one more time.

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But Tech fans might have watched Saturday’s game against Marshall, which took Tech to triple overtime on Saturday, and beckon the days Tech handedly beat Marshall while the Herd was actually ranked (47-21 in 2002 against No. 16 Marshall), not barely hanging on against a Marshall team coming off a seven-loss season.

Some rain-soaked games are destined for unpredictability, as Tech’s win had tipped touchdown passes and backup place kickers.

Tech’s outlook for 2013 ACC play seems equally unpredictable. If Tech is better than…

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