IKEA Here We Come!

The Crosstour might be mistaken for an Accord 5-Door Hatchback….and while it shares most of the mechanicals with the reliable Accord, it’s actually 5 inches longer and a couple inches wider.

It’s defining feature, tho’ is it’s sloping roofline and “fifth door” rear hatch.

In fact, the vehicle that the Crosstour most resembles is BMW’s X6….but with a less pronounced hump in it’s roofline…and a 30-or-so-thousand shorter window sticker.

That said, the Crosstour is a darned intelligent answer to a question that not too many people are asking.


We crazy Americans still haven’t embraced the utility of hatchbacks to anything close to the same degree that Europe has….preferring more boxy and high-riding station wagon-like SUVs and CUVs….but we can’t say “station wagon” anymore over here either.   Maybe “Sport Wagon”….but rarely “station wagon”.

So…while Honda has sold over 320,000 Accords in the first eight months of ’13, they’ve only sold a few more than 13,000 Crosstours.  Tesla has actually sold more vehicles so far this year.  Again, blame it more on the success of Honda’s market-leading CRV than any shortcoming with the Crosstour.   Family rivalries can be tough, can’t they?

Crosstours start at just a hair over $28,000 including destination charges with a 192 HP 4-cylinder and a 5-speed auto…rated at 22 city and 31 MPG Highway…running quite happily on regular.

Give Honda another $3,685 and they’ll give you an EX-L with heated leather, forward collision and lane-departure warning, a multi-view rear cam and SMS text messaging.

Now….if you like to travel in the left lane, another $3,660 will give you Honda’s 278 HPV-6 and a 6-speed auto.    The V-6 comes with cylinder de-activation…allowing you to run on just 3 cylinders at most legal highway speeds, yet have that big V-6 grunt available as needed.

It’s a smooth system.   You’ll never feel the shift while driving, but you’ll see the difference at the pump.    The 6 is rated almost as highly as Honda’s 4….hitting 20 MPG city and 30 Hwy numbers…..and giving you that extra 86 horsepower when you need it….or just want it.    And it still runs just fine on regular.

And if you prefer All-Wheel-Drive, you can check that on the options list as well.

Our test Crosstour was a V-6 EXL with nav and came in just under $38,000….including 18” alloys, moonroof, killer sound, voice recognition and more.

But again, it’s the Crosstour’s “Throw and Go” hatchback that serves as it’s point of distinction.   Four guys and four bags of clubs would be no problem.  And for serious hauling, a one-handed flip of one lever takes each one of the split rear seats down flat…giving you almost enough room to pitch a small tent back there.

If utility…and marching to your own beat is your thing…you might like to give the Crosstour a look.



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