Where: Chateau Elan the Legends Course
When: October 1, 2013: Registration at 8:30 AM: Tournament begins at 10:00 AM:
Type: 4 Person Scramble

Pay It Forward Friday: Erin’s Army

At the Tournament

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Food & Drinks
Tee Buster
Closest to Hole on two par 3’s
Mulligan Package Available
Long Drive Hole
Erin’s Army Tee Shirts
Gift Bags
Tickets good for 2 Beers: Additonal Beer at $2.00 Each.
Prizes for Winners and Losers

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Update From Erin:


by John Stevens

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Hello Everyone!

It is good to be back! You always appreciate coming home after being away from the people you love. I wanted to give everyone an update from my trip to Houston, Texas.

I met with my new doctor and he is fabulous! He was the forerunner is creating the first chemotherapy medicine for Medullary Thyroid Cancer and in getting it approved by the FDA. It was a relief to finally get some answers for what this disease is all about. Because only a couple hundred people are diagnosed each year with my type, it is hard to find someone who knows what they are looking for or how to treat it. The doctors at Emory have been great but they have not been doing the proper scanning for this and were looking for a mass-type cancer instead of what this type actually looks like which is more of a bundle of blood vessels. After doing all of the scans he discovered that the cancer is in the lower right side of my pelvis, there is a spot on my lower spine, and some in the bronchial siding of my lungs. The ultrasound also showed some abnormal lymph nodes in my neck but they could not biopsy them because they are behind my throat.

As mentioned, there is now a chemotherapy for MTC however it does not cure the cancer. The chemo is used to stop the growth, if it becomes aggressive, or to stop symptoms. As of now, I only experience the wheezing, coughing, intolerance to cold, and pretty extreme tiredness at times. The doctor suggested that I do not start the chemo at this point because it would be more hellish than coping with the symptoms and could possibly prevent me from having a family one day. The lymph nodes can be removed but he would like to be able to do a surgery when there is more to take out. The spreading in my bone is inoperable at this time. My cancer is not producing the correct amounts of calcitonin, which measure the cancer, and should be parallel with the CEAs it also produces. That is all extra medical stuff that only makes since to us but thought I would add it because it does tell us how aggressive the cancer is. Also because of this it is hard to tell if the cancer has been in these places from the beginning because my levels never went down all the way and are gradually increasing.

After discussion with my family, we have decided not to do the chemotherapy at this time. He has told me to see my doctors here regularly and to come back in 6 months to repeat the scans. This will show us the comparison to what I have now and how fast this is growing. If there is not a substantial growth and I don’t have any new symptoms, he said he would clear me of radiation testing so that I have a window of time to possibly start a family.

Being at the cancer center was a real eye opener because everyone there had some type of cancer. I got to meet some very courageous people and share some relatable stories. What it all comes down to is I feel very appreciative of all the love and support that I have from the people in my life, people I have met, and people I don’t even know but reached out to show support. I cannot thank you all enough for treating me like a member of your own family. It is truly amazing to be a part of such a network of people and of such a great community! I did share my site with some people who have been hesitant to reach out for help. I want to give a shout out to Brian, Andre, Barbara, Kristine, and Steven (Some people I had the opportunity to speak with in Houston and all battling cancer). You were all an inspiration and help to me while in the hospital. You have all been so supportive and I hope one day I can show the same support that you all have shown me if there is someone in need. Please feel free to ask me any questions, as most of you know I am not very modest about anything : )

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart,

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Erin Fowler