The Georgia Bulldogs are in a bye week this week so “Aaron” had a lot more time to write some new songs. He sent in one this week called “Twerking For The Weekend” about college life in Athens, GA.

Here’s his letter to Jason and the song:

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Listen on mobile device here: TWERKIN FOR THE WEEEKEND



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What up, MAN-DINGA! No game this week, which means I’ve had TONS of time in the studio to cut some new trax with an X!
Since you’re like, in your 30s, it’s probably been a LOOOONG time since you were on a college campus (LOL!). Here in Athens, it can get pretty boring…especially on a bye week. Sometimes it can be cool, you know, if you happen to see fellow musicians Mike Stipe from R.E.M. or that feminine dude from the B-52s around town.

…and besides being the Big Man on Campus around here (LOL), I’m pretty much your average college dude. I mostly hang out, play Mario Kart, go to the store at odd-hours, eat Ramen noodles, oh yeah and throw 4 TDs a game (ROTFL).

Oh yeah, all these girls on campus have been doing this booty shaking thing that they call “twerking”. It’s this new craze that’s sweeping the nation, apparently. I think that Riley Cyprus girl did some twerking with the dad from Growing Pains on the CMT awards or something. Anyway, I’ve decided to capitalize on it with my latest song called “TWERKIN’ FOR THE WEEKEND”. It’s a musical snapshot of college life here in Athens. I hope you enjoy it.

Love and Arabs,


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p.s. “TWERKIN FOR THE WEEKEND” is a little longer than the 2 minute limit imposed by the Brass at 92.9 The Game, but I won’t tell if you won’t! (ROTFLMAO!)