It seems we have a deal on the table.

President Barack Obama spoke to Americans Tuesday night to explain the crisis in Syria, address the concerns many Americans have about getting involved in another war and provide direction on moving forward in the days ahead.

So what does the deal consist of?

Syria turning over its chemical weapons to international monitors, thereby ending the chemical weapons threat under the Assad Regime. This diplomatic gesture was offered by Russia in an attempt to stop a military strike against Syria by the United States.

But don’t get excited – it’s not all that simple.

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First, President Obama has to believe and have strong concrete evidence that the Assad Regime will actually turn over ALL of its chemical weapons and make sure that this is not just a deal being presented by Russia as a stall tactic to postpone a military strike from the United States and its allies.

A resolution will be presented to the United Nations Security Council requiring Assad to give up the chemical weapons and then the weapons would ultimately be destroyed.

With this deal looming, President Obama has asked Congress to delay any votes on possible military strikes against Syria. In the meantime, Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva on Thursday.

I will be back to give you updates as they develop.

Mo Ivory, CBS Local


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