Whip me, thrash me…stir my soul!

No.    Not that.   Sorry.    That was just your Fiat 500 Turbo talking to you.

This is one car that just DEMANDS to be driven!    With both hands.

Unlike the “cute” versions of the 500, the Turbo is just one step beneath Fiat’s legendary Abarth high-performance model…coming standard with a 135 HP Turbo four and a 5-speed stick.

135 HP may not sound like much, but in a vehicle that’s only 4 or 5 feet longer than the average motorcycle, this little bugger can fly.   Just stir those gears and hold on!

How much?  $20,200…including destination charges.   Again…if you’re one of those people who love to drive, it’s hard to think of another vehicle that’ll provide more fun per dollar….and attention, too!

Some of that attention probably came from our test Turbo’s copper color…a perfect choice for a fun car like this.

Also attention-getting were the Turbo’s 16” alloys and red brake pads…giving the vehicle the looks to match it’s soul.   Another welcome feature is the “Hill-Holder”…allowing the driver to depress the clutch on a hill without rolling backward.

So…what’s the downside?    One is space.   While the 500 does have a back seat, I wouldn’t plan to put anyone of any real size back there.   Best to just flip down the rear seats…use the hatch….and “throw and go”.

The other downside is that the Turbo brings out the Bad Boy / Bad Girl in you.

It’s just really tough to drive the 500 Turbo sensibly.  Instead, you kinda’ feel like you’re in a 4-wheeled motorcycle…cutting in and out of traffic with abandon…and a big smile.

If you just want “cute” get one of the other 500’s.   They start at $16,800 with destination…and they’ll get better mileage.

But if you enjoy stirring the gears, showing off a bit….and never meeting a parking space that doesn’t fit….then the Turbo is for you.

And you still get great mileage….28 city and 34 highway.

Or….if you want to kick it up a notch, go for the Turbo’s big brother…the Abarth.

35 more horsepower…plus a day at driving school…all for less than 23K.



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