Georgia Quarterback “Aaron Murray” sent another letter into The Morning Show (@morningshow929) with a new song after their loss to Clemson. Here’s a copy of the letter and the audio below…

Hi J-Dog!

I don’t know if you had a chance to watch our game against Clemson on Saturday, but man, we lost by a stinkin’ field goal!  Those Clemson guys have some pretty good players, but some of them are just mean.

On a couple of plays, their guys hit me (hard!) while my back was turned! That’s not very sportsmanlike (LOL).  Seriously though, who sucker-tackles a guy when he’s not looking?  At least give me a chance to brace for the impact so I don’t fumble the football.  I guess the “win at all cost” mentality has made people forget their manners (LOL!).

I know there were supposed to be some guys blocking for me…but I guess they were thinking about other stuff.  Maybe they were thinking about my new EP coming out this Christmas.  I plan to release a limited edition on vinyl, and then a digital release to the unwashed masses.

Here’s the latest single (which times out at exactly 2 minutes so as to comply with your bosses demands LOL ROTF LMAO!).  I wrote it about my feelings on going into this Saturday’s game vs. South Carolina.  It’s called “PUNT”!

I hope you don’t mind, but I had to cut out my blazin’ guitar solo due to time constraints.  Maybe we can hang out one day and shred.  I have some old Guitar World Magazines and a TON of Red Creme Soda that my cousins bring from the Gulf Coast.  Next time you’re up this way, I’ll show you how to play some Satriani… maybe some Steve Vai (if we have time LOL!)

Keep on rokken in the free world.

Friends Forever,



Well, the audio WAS posted right here… but apparently we pushed a few hot buttons so we had to take it down. 😦

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