UPDATE: (08/29/13 at 11:30 a.m.)

Atlanta, Georgia – Last night, Atlanta Hawks head basketball coach Michael Budenholzer was stopped by a Georgia State Patrol DUI Task Force officer for a broken taillight.  He was stopped solely for an equipment violation and committed no traffic offenses. The trooper demanded that he submit to a breathalyzer, and when Coach Budenholzer asked to consult with an attorney first, he was immediately arrested and charged with DUI.

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While at the jail, after consulting with an attorney by telephone, he immediately volunteered to take both a breathalyzer and also requested that a blood alcohol test be performed. His request for testing was refused. Immediately upon his release on bond, Coach Budenholzer went directly to Piedmont Hospital where his blood was tested at the earliest opportunity, albeit several hours after his arrest.  The official report from the hospital blood test revealed that his blood alcohol concentration was less than .01, well below the legal limit of .08.

Coach Budenholzer has no prior criminal record and entered a plea of Not Guilty to all charges this morning in the Atlanta Municipal Court.

“I take my role as a leader very seriously and hold myself to a high standard. I apologize to the fans and to the Hawks organization for any negative attention this incident has brought upon my family and the organization while the legal process evolves and I contest these misdemeanor charges,” said Coach Budenholzer.

Original report:

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Head Coach Mike Budenholzer was arrested on DUI charges last night around 10:34 p.m. and faces multiple charges. Coach Budenholzer said he had “one glass of wine 15 mins prior to being stopped” according to the trooper’s report filed with the Atlanta court.

President of Basketball Operations/General Manager Danny Ferry released the following statement:

“Bud made us aware of the situation last night. We are in the process of gathering more information and will have further comment at the appropriate time.”

This is from the actual police report from the Georgia State Patrol:

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“On 8/28/13, I, Trooper ******** #***, observed an Audi A8 silver in color traveling eastbound on 10th Street without any taillights on. I activated my blue lights and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle at 10th Street and Crescent Avenue. I approached the driver side of the vehicle and asked for his driver’s license. The driver was identified as Mr. Michael Vincent Budenholzer. I advised him that he was stopped due to him not having his taillights on. As I spoke with him I noticed that he had bloodshot and watery eyes and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath. I asked Mr. Budenholzer how much alcohol he had and he advised that he had one glass of wine to drink prior to driving. I asked him to step out of the car to check and make sure he was a safe driver and not impaired. I asked Mr. Budenholzer if he would take some field sobriety tests and he consented. Mr. Budenholzer took three of the four tests that I requested, refusing the preliminary breath test. I asked Mr. Budenholzer how much wine he had to drink and he advised that he had one glass. I asked him what time he had his first glass and Mr. Budenholzer advised he had his first and only glass around 9:15 or 9:30 p.m. and that he finished drinking about 15 minutes before I stopped him. I placed him under arrest for DUI and read Mr. Budenholzer the implied consent notice suspects age 21 and over. I requested a breath test and Mr. Budenholzer refused the breath test under implied consent by giving a verbal “No.” **** Towing removed the vehicle. I transported Mr. Budenholzer to the Atlanta Pre-trial Jail and turned him over for booking without incident.”