Michael Schottey, Lead NFL Writer for Bleacher Report, joined Overtime to discuss the Falcons and the latest news in the NFL.

Falcons: Schottey talked Tony Gonzalez coming back to camp and said he’s physically ready at his age and wants to win a Championship; he’ll come in guns a blazing and he’ll be ready. He also discussed Paul Worrilow and whether or not he’ll make the final roster. The big question on Falcons’ fans’ minds is the offensive line. Michael Schottey said the offensive line may not be the humongous problem that people are making it out to be.

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They go around the league to talk about Von Miller and said it looks like the NFLPA will likely get the 6-game suspension. He says Miller may be the problem child for Denver this season. They also talked Clowney and which team is in the running to get him in next year’s draft; Arian Foster; and which team will be the worst this season judging by the preseason.

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Listen to the full interview below:

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