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Consider your own financial future, could you afford to have and maintain your lifestyle the way that you desire? Most people don’t plan to work when they’re retired, therefore the money to pay for your lifestyle in the future will come from somewhere.

If the money that you are earning is used to buy new clothes, tickets to shows, eat out, and many other fun things. Rather than saving it, you are putting savings on hold so that you can enjoy life now. Unless you plan to work when you are retired, the money needed during retirement has to come from somewhere else.

There are three major areas where most people feel that their retirement income will come from, a pension, social security and/or personal savings and investments. But if you are enjoy life to the fullest without considering where the money would come from, retirement is going to be hard.

The reality is retirement costs money. The more you save now, the more likely it is that you’ll have the money you need later. Most people work from a poverty mentality that they should not save when they can enjoy their money now. If you think saving is tough now, it much hard as you get closer to 65 years old.

Rob Wilson


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