You can flirt, wear scantily clad clothing and make nighttime promises – that’s one way.

But it’s usually very temporary and no one will remember you the next time.

And it’s not the method I use or recommend.

Instead, I recommend you start early. Start early learning how to be nice to people. Help when you can without expecting anything in return. Learn how to network, properly.

Keep your network strong, filled with family, friends, co-workers from past and present. Follow up with sincere thanks and guard your reputation and honor like they’re the crown jewels.

Then, wristbands will always be waiting for you at will call.

Here’s my testimony of what just happened to me on my recent vacation to Bermuda.

It was my first real vacation in three years. My daughter has classmates who live in Bermuda and she wanted to visit them. Jacob, Vance & Jai (my daughter’s friends) told us exactly where to stay, planned dinners with their parents and made sure we attended a real Bermuda football game (known as soccer in the U.S.). They all play on the Bermuda junior national team.

Weeks before we would leave for Bermuda, I had every intention on contacting my Spelman College sister Renee, who is from and still lives in Bermuda. More importantly, Renee is my Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and pledged me into the sorority and my beloved chapter, Eta Kappa. Time passed and I kept forgetting to get Renee’s email until it was only days before we were arriving and I sent her a note.

“I’m coming to Bermuda and I want to see you when we get there,” I said. Minutes later, Renee replied in her Bermuda accent (which could even be “heard” in an email): “Gurl, it’s purfect time, it’s holiday in Bermuda and you have to come to Cup Match.” To which I said, “Okay!”

So we got our flight, went to Bermuda, laid on the beach, saw some sites thanks to Karen (Vance’s Mom) and Lisa and Danny (Jacob’s parents). And finally I called Renee for instructions on “Cup Match.”

Here’s where you should really pay attention…

Cup Match in Bermuda is the biggest event of the year. Everything closes down. It’s a national holiday. Folks come from everywhere to sit in sections called “camps” and eat and drink and cheer for either the St. Georges Cricket Team or the Somerset Cricket Team.

Some people choose to camp out on the side of the highways for days and listen to the game. It’s a BIG deal!

This year, Cup Match was held at the St. Georges Cricket Club. So, I called Renee and asked how do I get tickets?

Guess what? Renee’s husband is the President of the St. Georges Cricket Club! YEP!


Free drinks? YEP! Free Food? YEP! Treated Like a celebrity? YEP!

I just had to smile and say “Thank you!” It’s all I could do.

They wouldn’t let me pay for anything and they obliged our every need. Neil – that’s Renee’s husband – even bid us farewell with our proper St. Georges Cricket Club shirts and hats.

As the First Lady of the St. Georges Cricket Club, Renee proudly walked me around introducing me to everyone and bragging on my accomplishments. Having known Renee since I was 19-years-old, it made that experience very special for me, and likewise for her.

When she wanted someone to know I was the real deal (mostly men she wanted to back up off me), she’d simply say: “This is Moraima, she [expletive] in high grass!”

(Translation: “If you ain’t about [expletive] – back off!”)

I laughed so hard every time she said that, but I knew exactly what she was conveying and I loved her for the zone of pride and protection she covered me with.

She introduced me to the former and present Premier of Bermuda, and well-known officials and business people she works with. It was the beauty of relationships developed long ago and respect that continues on, mutual in every way.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Paynter! See you next year! Tuesday to Tuesday! (Smile).

(Credit: Courtesy of Mo Ivory)

(Credit: Courtesy of Mo Ivory)

And to everyone else – treat people well, love the right way, honor your past and present and protect your reputation.

It’s the VIP wristband guarantee.

(How high is the grass YOU [expletive] in?!)

Mo Ivory, CBS Local

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)

(Credit: Sonia Murray/CBS Local)


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