George Schroeder, National College Football Writer for USA Today Sports, joined Overtime with Jim Murray to talk about the Coaches’ Poll. Schroeder believes Alabama is the best team in the country and the poll is pretty accurate

Schroeder talked about the Georgia Bulldogs and said he wouldn’t be surprised if Richt brought his team back to the title game this year. However, he does think Florida and South Carolina have a better chance. He comments on the ranking of Texas A&M and thinks that team will be even better this season. Schroeder is unsure of the Aggies defense and if their offense can hold them together. He also discusses if he thinks Johnny Manziel can translate to the Pros; he said no one expected him to translate into college and he has.

Schroeder touches on other SEC teams including LSU; he doesn’t think Les Miles gets the coaching credit he deserves. As far as Ohio State, Schroeder isn’t sure the Buckeyes can have the same season as they did last year. They also discuss which team will be the surprise team of the year. Listen to the full interview below: