Put’em Up!

When I got word that David “Kidd” Kraddick had passed away over the weekend I was moved and saddened. Having just lost my mother a month ago I have been dealing with a lot and thinking about my own life. When my mother passed away I begin to rethink my purpose, am I for filling my dream? The one thing I wanted to do when I got into this business was to have a voice in the community and to help others. One of my mentors told me at a young age “the more people you help, the more it comes back to you” those words could not be more true. When I look at the wonderful career, and how many lives Kidd Kraddick changed, his purpose was served. His death was sudden and unexpected, but his legacy will live on in the others he helped. Being from Texas I became aware of Kraddick early in my career, and meet him a few times throughout the years as we crossed paths and every time I saw him he would always take time to ask how things were going? He would always give you positive reinforcement knowing how tough this business can be. Long before I was “Putting Them Up” I wanted to be a Top 40 Morning show personality, I did get to live that dream before I got into sports radio, but it was guys like Kraddick who help to inspire me.

Kraddick, was only 53, he hosted the locally based Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show in Dallas, Texas. His program was also syndicated on more than 75 stations nationally. It was also broadcast on the television show Dish Nation.
Kidd Kraddick died Saturday in New Orleans at a golf tournament for Kidd’s Kids, a nonprofit he started that sponsors trips to Disney World for chronically and terminally ill children. He was helping people even at the time of his death. Thanks Kidd Kraddick for being an inspiration and being one of the good people in the Radio Biz, you will be missed. RIP!
“Keep looking up, ’cause that’s where it all is.”


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